Collaborate with solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses and your team, in real-time.


Collaborate with solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses and your team, in real-time.

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Capture all stakeholders’ input

Two heads are better than one, and when using the eBrief Ready platform, the benefits of having all stakeholders’ contributions incorporated into the case work can be realised.

Traditional operating procedure often required one member of a case or project to “hold the pen” and manage all input from others. Our technology ensures users have only one “source of truth” to manage and avoid confusing and disruptive version control issues.

Real-time collaboration with 2-way sync

Working efficiently, your team can annotate documents directly, bundle and organise them automatically, and search for information instantly — on any device, in any location. The eBrief Ready platform is the tool with which you can exceed the expectations of your clients, by allowing you to respond instantly to queries on status or requests for specific information, even when it’s buried deep within the documents you’re working with.

Documents often arrive to a barrister well before the brief is created, and this is the issue which our functionality specifically addresses. A barrister will annotate the documents but then more than likely have to redo the process when the brief is created, so that they have the correct page references for the court.

If not redone, it can be incredibly difficult to find the correct page reference when the brief is actually bundled together and created. 

The way we have resolved this is by creating a two-way sync between the original document and the newly created brief. We call it a two-way sync between the document and the brief because whether you annotate on the document or you annotate on the brief, you’ll see your annotation in both places.

Annotate masterfully

When adding documents which have annotations created in products like Adobe or PDF Expert, the annotations will show in eBrief Ready. You can update these annotations, apply further meta data like tags and dates, search and run reports across the annotations. Additionally, any annotations you have made in eBrief Ready can be exported with the document back into products like Adobe or PDF Expert. You can work with documents much more efficiently with this innovative method of annotation – collecting all necessary input along the way from a host of contributors.

The easiest way for solicitors and
barristers to deliver briefs electronically​

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