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We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of security across our platform for all users. It is of the utmost importance to us and we take the protection of our users’ sensitive data extremely seriously.

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ISO 27001 certification

We are proud to announce that eBrief Ready has successfully completed our ISO 27001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for the overall management of information security.

How do our users benefit?

At a commercial level, this is fantastic news for our users, who can pass on the associated credibility of ISO 27001 to their own clients. In practical terms, all end users of the platform will benefit from eBrief Ready’s compliance with the key security objectives required for certification:

Confidentiality: Files stored on our platform are authorised access only. We host on Australian servers for AU users and United Kingdom servers for UK users, with enterprise-grade security and encryption – nobody without permission can even get close.

Availability: Litigation can involve intense time pressures and multiple collaborators. We’ve ensured that files can be accessed by authorised stakeholders at any time, on any device.

Integrity: One of eBrief Ready’s key advantages is that it allows for digital amendments. However, you have complete control over who can access this function – there is no danger of a client going rogue on your files.

Perhaps the biggest advantage, particularly for new users, is that certification is not a one-off. Because ISO 27001 requires regular auditing, our clients can rest assured that our standards will not only remain consistent, but will keep in step with security challenges as they evolve into the future.

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Mandatory 2FA authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a mandatory requirement for all users of the eBrief Ready platform.

2FA allows us to verify that the person trying to gain access to the account is who they say they are. Even if your password falls into the hands of someone other than yourself, the chances of them also having your second-factor information are extremely unlikely.

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