eBrief Ready’s New Features

We have added some new features into the eBrief Ready platform which we thought you might like to know about.

Feature 1

Manual Date Entry
(Pro Feature)

When entering a date on an annotation, you can enter the date from the calendar popup or you can now also enter the date manually.


Making a Matter Inactive

You can now make matters inactive and then reactivate them at a later time. That way only the Matters you are working need to show on the Main screen. Just edit the matter and Turn Active off.

Feature 3

Different Archiving Formats

Under the right hand menu there is a new preference option for setting the Archiving of documents.

Select the filename format you want.

Feature 4

Copy Documents and Briefs

You can now copy a document or brief to another matter. Click the copy icon and you will see a list of Matters and respective folders that you can copy the matter to.

Feature 5

Import Demo Matter

You can now import a demo matter which you can use for learning how to setup matters, folders and documents.

Feature 6

Group Actions
(Pro Feature)

You can now select multiple documents to edit, move, copy, delete and reposition. Simply click the documents you want a group action to apply to and then click the three horizontal dots along the top and the Group Actions menu will be displayed. Group Actions are only available to users who have the permission owner or full user for that matter.

Feature 7

Import Annotations from Adobe or PDF Expert
(Pro Feature)

When adding documents which have annotations created in products like Adobe or PDF Expert the annotations will now show in eBrief Ready. You can update these annotations, apply further meta data like tags and dates, search and run reports across the annotations. 

Feature 8

Exporting Annotations
(Pro Feature)

Annotations you have made in eBrief Ready can now be exported with the document into products like Adobe or PDF Expert.

Just click on the Export button to download your document with annotations.

All the new Pro Features are currently free to use for the next couple of months.

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