From the Founder June 2024

I hope the first half of 2024 has treated you well!

We have been busy @ Legal Ready. I’m excited to share our latest product and people updates.

eBrief Ready

We are committed to consistently improving eBrief Ready to help legal professionals achieve greater levels of client service and productivity.

Major Scalability Upgrade

You may have noticed recent changes to the eBrief Ready interface and a snappier experience when using the product. We are part way through a massive upgrade in eBrief Ready’s processing capacity which will see the platform handle matters with up to 100,000 documents at faster speeds.

Enhanced system speed

The eBrief Ready platform now operates with significantly improved speed. Users will experience much faster access to documents, reducing wait times and increasing overall productivity. Whether you are accessing, uploading or navigating through documents, the platform’s responsiveness has been optimised to ensure a seamless experience.

Increased processing capacity

In addition, eBrief Ready’s capacity has been expanded tenfold. This means that the system can now process a much larger volume of documents simultaneously. Users will benefit from the ability to upload, store and manage extensive collections of documents without any degradation in performance. This is particularly beneficial for users dealing with large-scale document management needs, ensuring smooth operations even under heavy workloads.


  • Faster document access – quicker retrieval times, enabling more efficient workflows and reduced downtime.
  • Scalability – the enhanced capacity supports larger datasets, accommodating the growing demands of our users.
  • Reliability – the platform upgrade ensures that even with increased document volumes, the system remains stable and reliable.

Enhanced document numbering

We have introduced the ability to freeze original document numbering in eBrief Ready while inserting sub numbering. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and control over document organisation, making it easier for users to manage their documents more effectively. For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please refer to this article.

Key benefits

  • Preserve original ordering – maintain the integrity of your initial document sequence while adding new entries.
  • Enhanced organisation – sub numbering allows for a more detailed and structured document hierarchy.
  • Flexibility – easily accommodate late additions or customised numbering schemes without disrupting the existing order.

Use case - late insertion of documents

Often, new documents need to be added to an existing sequence without altering the established order. This feature allows users to:

  • Insert additional documents seamlessly at any point in the sequence.
  • Use sub numbering (e.g., 1.1, 1.2) to integrate new documents without renumbering the entire set.
  • Maintain consistency and avoid confusion that can arise from renumbering.

Use case - Custom/manual numbering

For projects requiring a customised numbering system, this feature is invaluable. Users can:

  • Implement manual numbering schemes that reflect specific matter requirements or organisational standards.
  • Add sub numbers to existing documents, enabling a more granular and tailored document hierarchy.
  • Adapt numbering to fit unique project phases or categories, enhancing clarity and accessibility.


We are continuing to develop native integrations with widely used legal software, allowing law firms to seamlessly incorporate eBrief Ready into their existing technology stack, enhancing their workflow and efficiency.

We currently have integrations in place with iManage, Smokeball, Actionstep, Lexis Affinity, EvolveGo and FilePro.

We are pleased to announce that an integration with NetDocuments is coming soon. You can register your interest in being amongst the first to make use of this integration.

Please reach out to us with any other integration requests.

Discovery Fields - Call for Beta Users

Do you ever want extra fields for some of your matters? We now have the ability to create extra fields like “privileged” or “author”. You may need these extra fields as part of your discovery process or as part of the court requirements. Please see this video for more detail.

If you are interested in being part of our beta test group for this new functionality please register your interest here.

Disclosure Ready - Launching Soon!

Disclosure Ready, the platform built to help family lawyers intelligently manage the disclosure process in matrimonial proceedings, will be released commercially on 1 August 2024.

We are grateful for the invaluable feedback we continue to receive from users at the 50 firms participating in our early release program. Thank you for being part of our advisory board and for your valuable input. As a token of our appreciation, there will be no charge for any matters created on Disclosure Ready before 1 August 2024 for all early release users. 😊

If your law firm is interested in joining the early release program, please register here.

This short video provides an overview of how Disclosure Ready works, including how we are applying AI across disclosure materials to identify missing data and extract essential information such as dates and opening and closing balances on bank statements.

A similar preview program is currently being launched in the US and Canada.

We are also exploring potential use of Disclosure Ready in other practice areas where disclosure is a mission critical process. Please register here to express your interest.

AI update

There has been a lot of hype around AI recently. We continue to explore the application of AI from the position of what will be the most helpful for our clients. As mentioned, we recently embedded AI into our new Disclosure Ready product to automate the classification of bank and credit card statements and are currently achieving a 90% success rate.

We have an exciting roadmap of AI enabled functionality that will make the managing matters on the eBrief Ready platform more efficient than ever. Areas we are working on include:

Document classification
Automatically classify and categorise legal documents based on content and context.Reduce time spent on manual sorting, allowing users to quickly locate and organise documents relevant to matters.
Automated document dating and renaming
AI algorithms will automatically identify dates within documents and rename files accordingly.Consistency in document naming conventions makes it easier to track and manage documents chronologically, significantly cutting down on administrative tasks.
Create detailed timelines of case events by analysing document content.Allows for a more comprehensive understanding of case progressions and the relationships between various documents, providing valuable insights for case strategy and preparation.
Querying and comparing documents
Enable sophisticated search queries within document collections and perform comparisons between different documents.Allows legal professionals to quickly find specific information, identify discrepancies, and compare versions of documents, enhancing the accuracy and depth of case analysis.

In line with our People-first approach to business, we are thinking carefully about ways in which AI can be deployed simply, safely, cost-effectively, for the greatest benefit of all our users and in a way which contributes to making the legal system more equitable and efficient. We would love to hear from you on this topic and continue to engage the Legal Ready community in the discussion on how AI can benefit you and your clients.  If you would like to learn more about AI and the implications for your firm please email me at

See us at upcoming conferences

We’re excited to be speaking, sponsoring and attending a number of conferences in the upcoming months. Visit our website to see where we’ll be.

If you’re also attending any of these conferences, we’d be more than happy to arrange a time to meet either within or outside the conference programs.

Access to Justice: Supporting Community Legal Centres and Legal Aid

We are proud to support 30 Community Legal and Legal Aid Centres across Australia with access to Legal Ready’s products free of charge. By providing these vital organisations with state-of-the-art legal technology, we empower them to streamline their operations, enhance their efficiency and extend their reach.

Legal Ready’s tools facilitate better case management, improve client communication, and ensure more accurate and timely legal assistance. This support helps community legal centres overcome resource constraints, allowing them to focus more on advocacy and legal aid for underserved populations.

By enabling access to advanced technology, we contribute to a more equitable justice system where community organisations can better serve those in need. Visit our website to see which organisations are already benefiting from Legal Ready’s technology.

Please contact us at if you are part of, or know, an organisation that needs our support.

Introducing Tony Kinnear

Tony Kinnear has joined Legal Ready as CEO. Tony’s career spans more than three decades, working primarily in providing information, technology and services to legal professionals across the world. As the former President of Thomson Reuters’ global Legal information and software business and CEO of its Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Russia business, he will be working with the team to scale and expand Legal Ready into new markets, while consolidating the strength of our products and services in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We’re delighted to welcome Tony aboard.

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