10 reasons to become an eBrief Ready Barrister

Are you considering whether to take up a paid subscription to eBrief Ready?

Here are 10 reasons why eBrief Ready delivers outstanding value for less than $1 per day*.


eBrief Ready delivers a central, secure platform to manage all your matters online. Have everything you need at your fingertips – work from anywhere with 24 x 7 access. 


There is no software to install and it is extremely easy to use. Free training and local support will help get you up and running. Servers located in Australia.


eBrief Ready offers much more than just a filing system (e.g. DropBox or OneDrive). Create your own library for storing authorities and written submissions from previous trials.


Drag and drop emails into eBrief Ready, and have them automatically converted to searchable PDFs with attachments appended.


Leverage the most powerful Google-like search to review all documents (PDF, Excel, Word, Email, PowerPoint, etc).


Move away from sticky notes to electronic annotations and significantly boost your productivity. Quickly pinpoint key issues and organise into a chronology.


Invite expert witnesses and other parties involved in the matter to collaborate. All participants in any of your shared matters get to use all the Pro features for no cost.


Quickly reference key evidence in court.


Bring all parties together for mediations and arbitrations, providing a single source of truth for the matter including access to video and audio files. 


Create a court-approved electronic PDF bundle of documents with one click when required to share or print.

Take out your own paid subscription now for $30 per month.

If there are five or more barristers at your List who are interested in signing up, you may benefit from an ‘eBrief Ready List/Chambers’ account subscription (priced at $8 per barrister per month).

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*Annual subscription list price ex GST as at 1 June 2022.

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