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We believe it's important that anyone considering using eBrief Ready hears directly from their peers about their user experience (as well as from us!). We constantly seek feedback from our community of users and welcome all constructive thoughts.

We have collated recent user reviews below and hope that they assist in your evaluation of the product.

Easy to use, great functions and great support!
Jaclyn Dunham
Senior Solicitor, Office of Public Prosecutions
eBrief Ready has been a lifesaver this year. I am not very good with technology but it is so intuitive and user friendly. I love the annotation and search features. It is hard now to imagine going back to paper briefs!
Caroline Jenkins
Barrister, The Victorian Bar
If properly used, this is the best electronic platform by a long way. The briefs must be uploaded carefully with documents loaded individually - it is then extremely user-friendly.
Jonathan Brett
Barrister, The Victorian Bar
I absolutely love eBrief Ready. It has changed the way we run our business.
Michele Kampen
Principal, Robindale Legal
A secure and very useful way of getting documents to counsel quickly. Only scratching the surface of what is available, but this is a fantastic improvement over the 'old ways' of doing things.
Mark Thierry
Paralegal, WorkSafe Victoria
Having worked with many different "clunky" legal software programs before, I have been pleasantly surprised by how smooth, thoughtful and elegant eBrief Ready is. There are many impressive functions and small touches that have clearly been designed with practitioners in mind and tested rigorously. In particular, a real game-changer is the annotations on documents remaining private to the maker and carrying through from base documents into any briefs/court books merged using those documents, for example allowing counsel and solicitors to make and tag cross-examination notes at the commencement of a matter which remain prominent on the brief all the way to trial. I highly recommend this product which already seems to be becoming a staple amongst practitioners I regularly deal with.
David Gale
Solicitor, Falcone & Adams
The platform is quick, responsive and great customer support included. It is continuously improving and saved our firm thousands of hours in administrative work. Awesome!
Stephen So
Innovation & Transformation, Lander & Rogers
So, so, so easy to use! Much quicker and easier than the folders we used to have to compile and DX. Easily accessible and once the barrister has access, can quickly and easily be updated for future events. Best invention! Easy! Easy! Easy!
Leonie Hart
Paralegal (Practice Manager), Family Law Life
Using eBrief Ready has made the preparation of briefs for barristers so much easier and more efficient. It has also saved lots of trees and finalised our transition to being paperless wherever possible. It has also made the preparation of Court Books for online hearings a seamless process. Stephen Foley has been readily available on the phone or by email to provide assistance when required. Regular improvements have been made to the system since we first started using it these have made the process even better. SMR Legal are happy to provide this recommendation and will certainly continue using eBrief Ready.
Fiona Merrylees
Director/Lawyer, SMR Legal
It is the easiest way to pull together a brief for either counsel or a mediator in minutes. Having recently merged with another firm it was so simple to transfer all of my large files over using eBrief Ready.
Michelle Anderson
Law Clerk, Fortitude Legal
Excellent service and support ... Game changer for barristers.
Michael Drummond
Barristers Clerk, Hemmant’s List
Efficient, quick, easy to use, a brilliant concept!
Anna Carthew
Principal, Ballarat Legal Resolution Services
I have been using eBrief Ready for a number of my court matters where I have briefed Counsel. I have found eBrief Ready to be extremely helpful in the way it provides for folders to be arranged and for files to be organised within those folders. Naming and categorising files is very easy and understandable. I have used eBrief Ready for large briefs as well as small briefs. There is a lot of scope for the operator to arrange the files however is necessary. This in turn allows Counsel and Lawyers to access documents very expeditiously and with clarity. I have found eBrief Ready a better way of providing briefs and documents to all parties in a matter. eBrief Ready is environmentally friendly, professional and ensures that all files can be accessed expeditiously with ease. I have also found uploading files throughout the matter is also simple and very useful. I am certainly going to continue using eBrief Ready. Finally, I will add, that, even those who are not so computer literate, will find eBrief Ready easy to use.
Rose Rocca
Principal, Rose Legal Barristers & Solicitors
I'd love to be able to easily print just the index for our hard copy file (yes, we still run a paper file!!). Other than that, fantastic platform!
Helen Evans
Assistant, Heinz & Partners
eBrief Ready is very user friendly and will be even better now that non-PDF documents can be uploaded. When copying documents into another matter (ie from our brief to counsel to documents for mediator) the documents seem to copy out of order within the folders so they need to be re-organised. Other than that I love it.
Julie Bould
Legal Assistant, Marsh & Maher Richmond Bennison
eBrief Ready makes the organisation and sharing of files really easy. The search function is excellent, enabling searches across folders with results shown in context. Using a simple search over the equivalent of two large hard copy binders, it took only seconds to find when allegations of X were first raised in witness material. The comment and annotate functions bring it close to working with a hard copy brief, although I have barely begun to explore the power of those functions. I look forward to doing so on my next brief.
Annette Charak
Barrister, The Victorian Bar
Very user-friendly. Really great way to look through documents in large matters. Would be good if it was connected to LEAP to make things easier to upload in fewer steps. Also would be good if there was easier printing layouts. e.g. blank page between Folders especially if you're printing double sided - to ensure when printed each folder is starting on a fresh page. Love the tabs and notes options!
Rosetta Traficante
Principal Solicitor, RT Legal
Just absolutely love the platform. It is simple to use and cannot wait until you can drag and drop which will be huge in saving time.
Pip Mihelis
Personal Assistant, Berry Family Law
I am enjoying eBrief Ready's features and user friendly nature. It has made the process of creating brief's for barristers a lot quicker and easier for all involved. The only option I would like having would be a notes section (or something similar) where I can put in a brief note to Counsel with the client's contact details and some background information. Can't wait to see how the program progresses and grows with more features. Thank you!
Storm Brockenbrow
Law Clerk, Power and Bennett Lawyers
eBrief Ready has been such a great tool for our firm. I have been so impressed with the look and format of the finished briefs. It has saved me countless hours of manually sorting and indexing documents. I love it!
Alice Brown
Personal Assistant, Clancy & Triado
Thank you for creating eBrief Ready. A truly wonderful platform that has saved me a lot of time and money and is easy to use and navigate. Stephen always goes over and above to assist with any queries and is truly a pleasure to deal with.
Angela Altavilla
Principal, Altavilla Family Law
eBrief Ready has been an absolute lifesaver during COVID. The ability to search every single document is most helpful when trying to find something in a rush during a Hearing. Simple, easy to use and great to be able to personalise to suit our firms style of Brief.
Teagan McEwan
Associate, Suke & Associates
eBrief Ready has allowed our office to work seamlessly electronically on litigation matters with barristers, solicitors and mediators. eBrief Ready is extremely user friendly and functional to meet the needs of even the most demanding files with mixed media materials.
M Bryers
Berrill & Watson Lawyers
eBrief Ready is astoundingly useful. It’s cut the time to prepare briefs and courtbooks dramatically. It also comes in useful for particularly large sets of briefing materials for medical examinations. Very highly recommended.
Stephen Tuck
Solicitor, Patrick Robinson & Co.
Love being able to upload Word docs.
Rachael Grant
Legal Assistant, Angela Sdrinis Legal

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