The Public Trustee of Queensland is proud to be an eBrief Ready organisation

The Public Trustee of Queensland is proud to be an eBrief Ready organisation

eBrief Ready since 1 January 2020

Security first

First and foremost, being eBrief Ready supports our position on information security.

By being eBrief Ready, our clients and other parties can be assured that all documents shared through this platform are:

eBriefs are infinitely more secure than paper (which can be easily copied) and email (which is susceptible to hacking).

Improved productivity benefits our clients

When working with you, barristers, expert witnesses, and other professionals, we are using best-in-class technology. This helps us help you more efficiently through:

We are also able to minimise repetitive tasks through automation. This helps improve our team’s efficiency and productivity, positively impacting their mental health and morale. The end result is a better experience for our clients.

Because we are an eBrief Ready organisation, all of our clients get free access to the Pro version when we share briefs with you electronically.

If you would like to learn more about being eBrief Ready, you can:


Reduced impact on the environment

As of mid-2020, eBrief Ready has helped organisations, law firms and barristers chambers save over 7,000 trees (10.5M sheets of paper) and continues to grow at a rate of over 130 trees per week.

It also reduces our carbon footprint through minimising use of courier and transport services, as well as reducing recycling and paper disposal processes.

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