Join eBrief Ready’s feedback programme

You are invited to join a community of eBrief Ready users who decide what we can do to make eBrief Ready better. 

What this means is from time to time we will ask you for feedback on new features. For example, we have recently been working on new functionality to do with reviewing sub-folders, uploading non PDF documents, linking of documents/annotations, creating affidavits, listing disclosures and building online submissions.

When we get in touch, we will:

  1. explain what the feature is;
  2. describe how we plan to implement it; and
  3.  ask you a few short questions.

We value your views on whether the feature is relevant and important to you, if our planned implementation approach makes sense and any other comments you have on the feature.

If you would like to help define the future of eBriefing, please enter your details and click ‘Submit’.

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