Electronic Briefing: Say Goodbye to Ineffective Brief Management

Introducing Online Briefs (eBrief Ready)

Finally, an easy way for handling briefs.

Introducing a comprehensive solution that enables a safe and easy electronic circulation of briefs and the documents associated with legal proceedings.

Double handling has been a concern I’ve had for many years.

It makes no sense that documents are emailed to a barrister from a solicitor when they could be uploaded into a central repository so that all the information for the matter is held in the one location.

If the documents can be emailed then they can be uploaded.

The barrister and solicitor then have one common resource they can review, further they can do full text searching across the matter. The documents can be accessed from anywhere so the barrister does not have to take home a suitcase full of documents.

Perhaps even more frustrating is where organisations send out an online brief as one large file. Witness statements, Exhibits etc. are all embedded in the this one large file and it is up to the barrister to break the large document into smaller documents.

Not only is this a bad use of the barristers time, meaning it adds unnecessary costs, but the inefficiencies spiral in the face of this needing to be done by 3 or 4 potential parties.

What the industry needs:

  • A safe, online portal for documents to be stored (stop using dropbox)
  • Allow the owner of the case (barrister) to share the case with other users (solicitors)
  • Enable dozens or even hundreds of documents to be uploaded as a batch
  • Allow for matters to be copied to the relevant parties

Working with the profession, TA Law has developed eBrief Ready to answer these questions and to provide a free online resource for the profession.


  • Equal Playing Field – The industry now has a file sharing standard which everyone can access.
  • We Touch the Data Once – Documents are formatted correctly taking out inefficiencies in the system
  • Better Data Protection – Documents no longer remain on foreign servers
  • One source for the information – Barristers can share their cases with co-counsel, clients and solicitors
  • No Heavy Lugging of Suitcases – Documents can be accessed from anywhere so no need to carry document suit cases around
  • Easy Searches – All documents are indexed on the server so you can do full text searching

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