From the Founder June 2023

The latest update from eBrief Ready, covering a host of developments and announcements from the past year. We hope it provides some helpful information to our users and anyone considering eBrief Ready. 

Introducing Legal Ready Pty Ltd

TALaw, the company behind the creation of eBrief Ready, is undergoing a rebrand. It will now be known as Legal Ready, a name that encompasses the range of products we offer, including eBrief Ready and Disclosure Ready – a new product we are currently developing as part of our LawTech Hub residency.

Our new online presence can be found at the new web domain:

AI Focus

At Legal Ready, we champion the cause of conscientious tech development and proudly align ourselves with the Center for Humane Technology. This organisation underscores the importance of user welfare in the face of burgeoning tech advancements and this position aligns with our purpose – to create a technology-led movement that positively impacts the way the legal sector works, community well-being and the environment.

We are committed to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in our products for the benefit of our users and community. In tandem, we aim to assist you in understanding and making the most out of existing AI technologies at your disposal (like ChatGPT).

To this end we have a dedicated page on our website which focuses on AI, with helpful and interesting resources.

You can also book into our free introductory webinar on ChatGPT. See a summary of what’s covered in the session as well as how to register below.

Disclosure Ready

As part of our collaboration with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub, we are developing a new product, Disclosure Ready to transform disclosure management for Family Law practices.

Disclosure Ready is a secure platform which redefines disclosure management for family law firms. It harnesses the capabilities of AI to automate and systemise document collection, categorisation and disclosure in family law matters.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Lander & Rogers for welcoming Legal Ready into their LawTech Hub for a third term.

If you would like to be part of our beta program for this new product please click here to register your interest.

eBrief Ready Roadmap

AI Ready

As we continue to develop and expand our product portfolio, we will continue to integrate AI technology across our offerings. For instance, our new Q&A tool currently in development will allow users to obtain a succinct summary of a document and ask pointed questions regarding its content (see video here). We are developing the ability to automatically extract dates from documents along with a summary (see video here). Within our new Disclosure Ready product, AI will automatically extract dates from bank and credit card statements, and sort the documents into the correct folders.


The use of eBrief Ready by courts and mediators to facilitate dispute resolution is on the rise. We are currently enhancing our platform with a feature that allows users to make private annotations in cases involving multiple parties. With this, each party can view their own annotations without access to others’, ensuring confidentiality and independence of thought. In the past, to accomplish this level of privacy, users had to set up individual private matters within a multi-party dispute. Our new feature aims to streamline this process, making annotation more efficient and secure.

Stephen Foley

Stephen Foley
Managing Director of Legal Ready
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