eBrief Ready supports NSW profession giving free access to electronic briefing platform during extended lockdown

Released: Wednesday 28 July, 2021

TA Law today announced a $250,000 contribution to supporting the legal profession in NSW during the extended lockdown, making use of its electronic briefing platform, eBrief Ready free for NSW barristers and solicitors until the end of the year.

“More than 32,000 solicitors and 2,400 barristers in NSW are now working from home for an extended period of time without the access to powerful printers, administrative support and office facilities that they are used to having and this is impacting productivity,” eBrief Ready Founder and Managing Director of TA Law, Stephen Foley said.

“eBrief Ready provides an easy to use, secure platform to share, review and reference documents relating to a matter for all parties involved in the matter, which makes it a particularly invaluable tool when everyone is working from home,” he said.

Solicitors can use the platform to securely share documents directly with barristers and courts, without having to produce and deliver folders of paper briefs or to use specialist software to create PDF bundles that can be unwieldy to work with, he said.

To take up this offer, visit

eBrief Ready made a similar offer to the Victorian profession during the extended lockdown in Victoria last year.

Now, close to 80% of the Victorian bar, and thousands of solicitors from a broad array of law firms and the Victorian Office of Public Prosecution have adopted eBrief Ready as their preferred way to share, review and reference electronic documents relating to a matter.

For more information contact:
Stephen Foley
Managing Director TA Law & Founder, eBrief Ready
Direct: 03 9956 1026


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